Friday, July 29, 2005

Games: More Orisinal Games

Here's a collection of serveral games from the Orisinal website. Orisinal games are known for the peaceful, almost soothing games. Most everything about these games could be called 'soft'. Soft pastel colors, cute animals, relaxing and easy to pick up gameplay...

Anyhow...on to the games...

Encircle like colored bugs to score. The more in the circle, the more you score. Control is with the mouse as you simply 'draw' the circles.

The Way Home
Use the mouse to guide the squirrel along the ledge. Use the button to jump from ledge to ledge.

High Delivery
Use the mouse to control your fan to move the balloon around and collect flowers on their way to the heavens.

Wake Up Calls
Knock on the cacoons to wake up the butterflys. Use the mouse to control and jump. While jumping, click again to throw.

An Early Spring
Drop food to the dragonflies while avoiding the beetles.

What Comes Around
Defend your territory by getting rid of those pesky gophers. Use the mouse button to drop walnuts and the spacebar to jump.

Bungee Bear
Collect the bunnies in your backpack in order to gain enough weight to bungee down to the apples below.

Bum Bum Koala
Slide down the trees to knock down the snails while jumping tree to tree.

Silent Water
Sink subs by dropping depth charges while avoiding their torpedos. (This game is odd for the Orisinal site simply by virture of it's war theme, yet it still plays like an Orisinal game.)

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